Home Schooling Simplified, for You, and For Your family

An open house to help you find what works in the homeschooling world

Ok, so you’re wondering if you can make homeschool work for you.

I was there many years ago and I know how overwhelming it is trying to figure out where to even begin.

There are some parents that spend a lot of their time making sure they have the best curriculum and the best co-op and the best of everything.

Who doesn’t want the best for the kids, right?

But it takes so much energy and time! You end up going down all these internet rabbit holes. It can be a full-time to research homeschooling. 

Really all you want is to make sure you don’t fail your kid.

Let’s be real with the current situation we are all in, we don’t have a year to study all these different options. We have jobs and the craziness of the world to manage!

BUT we don’t want that to stop you. It doesn’t HAVE to be so complicated. We want to make it easier for you, 

SO we have gathered an expert group of homeschoolers using all kinds of methods to give you their tips and tricks. They are going to break it down into bite size AND digestible pieces for you–like the cliff notes from the YEARS they’ve all spent finding what works.

By the end of this open house you’ll feel ready (maybe even inspired) for your first year of homeschooling

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What Others Are Saying

Kristyn Smith

The school part

Totally with you on the letting kids cook! It's so hard and frustrating but I definitely want to do it more (my youngest, 7, is actually pretty good in the kitchen).  We just moved to Georgia and are adopting more of a homestead life (chickens! garden! more to come!).  I'm curious whether you have any more formal "school" lessons with your kids (like, do you teach a math or science curriculum?), or whether your approach is more of an unschool approach where they really are just living/learning life skills on the fly.   

Agnelli Gutierrez

Love your Phrase.!!!

I am sure I will be using “our phrase” from now on.!!! Thanks for injecting these words into our minds and hearts !!

Anonymous User

JUST what I needed to hear. You literally spoke right to my heart. I feel like I will 1000% be an intuitive homeschooler! I am organized but NOT, if that makes sense. And I really think I need to spend a lot of time focusing on that FIRST STEP: creating our culture and focusing on FAMILY...getting out of being reactionary and more into being intentional. LOVE that. I hope I can connect with you further! We have a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 16 month old so I feel overwhelmed a bit but this eased my mind a lot. THANK YOU!

Rebecca Love

Yes! I love all your tips and tricks. I love that you have given permission to use technology. My kids love technology. We use Youtube a lot to learn about different things. This was before I decided to homeschool.  I am always using technology and tv for different documentaries the kids like.


This really spoke to me! I feel energized and excited after watching. I am alllll over these ideas for my 5 year old. This I think will be a good start for our journey. I will definitely be joining your baskets group and browsing your blog! THANK YOU!

Rebecca Love

Hands Heart Head

I loved how you explained the age groups for each category. I had never heard that before. It makes complete sense.

Rebecca Love

This was so informative. I loved learning about the different learning styles. I know my kids have different learning styles and I will have to tailor things for each of them.

Desiree Champagne

Course review for The Homeschool Open House

Great introductions I am loving the overviews from the experts!  Helping me feel more prepared and sure of what I am doing.

Carley Faulds

Thank you!

I am in tears and my weary mama heart feels peace for the first time in a long time. Thank you so much for sharing your truths and inspiring me beyond measure 🙏🏼

Rebecca Love

Loved this. I know I am going to have to go with the flow type of attitude with homeschooling right now. I have a 3rd, 1st and preschooler to teach as well as having a 2 year old and 7 month old. Distrations I know are going to happen constantly. We will get through it.

Rebecca Love

Just what I needed! I also have 5 children (8,6,4,2, and 7 months) with a surprise baby on the way. I love all your organization and planners. My mind works the same way. I look forward to implementing some of your tips and tricks as I continue this homeschooling adventure.

Course review for The Homeschool Open House

It's Amazing

Love, how confident it made me feel!!!

Learn about Family History is great.

My children can learn about their Native American ancestry. My Great Grandparents were Cherokee and I would love for my kids to learn more about them.

Faith Clinkenbeard

Great info and thoughts! Thank you for the download and thank you for sharing!

Shayla Bryant

Waldorf Education

Great information!!

Anne Huitt

Thank you!

GREAT message here, Lacey! I love this! "I belong here!"

Agnelli Gutierrez

How old were your kids when you introduced instruments to them as part of their curriculum. Would you consider that 3 years old is too early? As a gifted boy, Matthew has an excess for music. What type of Piano did you started with.?? Thanks for this awesome event !

Michelle Minnihan

I love the rhythm over schedule idea.

I love the rhythm over schedule idea. <3


I love the storytelling aspect and kinesthetic emphasis...perfect for my 6 year old!

Thank you

I was worried about the decision to homeschool because my two oldest boys have been in public school previously. My husband and I had conversations with them and tried to see what their thoughts were. They both were on board. My oldest struggled with reading but since being home and learning to read with me he has thrived. He doesn't feel the pressure to preform anymore. That is when the light bulb went off and I saw that my boys were thriving more with me then they did in a public school setting.

Thank you so much Vanessa!

This was really helpful! You put down all the steps perfectly. I am a Dutch mom of 4, living in Northern New Jersey and have been looking for a group. I can't seem to find one that is Waldorf or forest based but with all these new families looking into it at the moment, I was thinking; "can I do it? Can I start one?" Your video was really very inspiring and didn't make it sound like "abracadabra?!".

Thank you!

Melissa Bridegum

Thank you!! This was very helpful.

Course review for The Homeschool Open House

So Grateful!

Thank you all so much for making this incredible home education summit available. I've been thinking of homeschooling our littles for a long while now and found myself overwhelmed with all the information available, yet personal stories are so much more than information. They are personal testimonies and I am beyond grateful to have so many right here and available to learn from and be inspired by! It's all so easy to navigate and move through, THANK YOU!!!

Rebecca Love

I have seen this with my third child. I have five kids so we can get really busy sometimes. I would notice that my middle child would routinely go off a be alone for awhile. It concerned me at first but I started to understand it. The example of breathing out-breathing in has explained this so well to me. I would include too many breathing out (busy) activities in his day and he really needed time to breathe in (rest). I will try to create more of a balance for all my kids now.

Greetings from Costa Rica

Wow, what an inspiration!! I will start homeschooling some students their parents didn't register for coming new school year and even dough I'm not their Mom  I recognize and embrace everything you shared about your journey. 

Thank you!

Agnelli Gutierrez

Piano Lessons

Do you teach Piano to your kids or do you have a resource for Pianos lessons? Thank you so much for doing this, it has helped our family tremendously.!!

Rebecca Love

Joy Subject

I love the idea of incorporating at least one joy subject everyday. I usually incorporate music into all I do (cooking, cleaning, etc) and I love that I can also incorporate it into teaching my kids.

Rebecca Love

I have a lot of ideas on some resources to add. Thank you so much!

Waldorf – Head Heart Hands

This method really spoke to me! I think my oldest, who is very creative, will thrive with this type of learning! He's 5 and this is our first go at homeschooling, and I really love the head, heart, hands philosophy. Thanks so much for sharing your daily schedule. It got my wheels turning and helps me visualize what we could incorporate into our days! You are a joy to listen to. Thanks for sharing!

Alethea Stickel


This is really good stuff! Thank you!

Agnelli Gutierrez

Love your Background. I enjoyed seeing the breaks with your pics. Your back walls are an inspiration.!!! Love books my little one too.!

Rebecca Love

Thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Christina Mori

Great info and thoughts! Thanks for sharing that info! Good to know!

Great intro!

It’s always nice to know what to expect, so thank you!

Liz Linnemeyer


This was such an important video for me. it really impacted me and i know now we want to focus with waldorf as our main curriculum.

Sheila Rumpca


Loved your entire video but the last couple of minutes is exactly what I needed to hear.  Thank you, Thank you!!

Liz Linnemeyer

We live on a homestead, so look forward to hearing your video.

Michelle Minnihan

Great tips! I am loving these tips and have recently joined your morning basket group!

Thank you for this training and for sharing your heart

Thanks for this. I love the thought of treating the child as a WHOLE person while learning. And your story was very touching...so sorry for your loss. I too am overwhelmed by this process, and your story reminded me that I too need to focus on JOY and break it down into a balanced subjects that are essential! I need low-stress--we all do--so this was huge for me! Can't wait to dive deeper.

Liliana Rodríguez


Juliana Acosta

Thank you! So helpful!


I just adored your video, your message, and mini guide to de schooling. Thank you for being so authentic. ❤️

Course review for The Homeschool Open House

New to homeschool

I loved this summit! I think that it is something that is great to have for the new homeschool families due to Covid to and it was really well put together. Would love to know if you put anymore info out there and will definitely use the resources that were shared. Thank you!!!

Agnelli Gutierrez

Touched my heart... Love it.!! Thanks for ministering those beautiful words into my heart ♥️.! There were God Sent.!

Carley Faulds

So helpful!

I loved this video! Rob, this was incredibly helpful and well done. I'm super excited to share it with my husband <3 Thanks so much!

Rebecca Love

My kids are so excited to have some input into their education. They are thinking about and making lists of a few things they want to learn more about. I then can create the unit studies that will excite them.

Alethea Stickel

Thank you, so much! I'm in NY so I will be delving into how this works here!

Alethea Stickel

Thank you, so much! I'm in NY so I will be delving into how this works here!

Kristyn Smith

Thanks for providing so many great resources! I'm looking forward to digging into all this.

Love this!

Rachel, you are such an inspiration!

Ann Vernon


I love your analogy about meals and learning, thank you for sharing.

Christina Mori

Love tips!

I love the simple and to the point video based on tips! It was so fun!

Emily Mailliard

Makes sense! Hands, heart, head....love how that matches with age!

Michelle Minnihan

Loved it. So glad to hear these great ideas!

Jennifer Irizarry

Course review for The Homeschool Open House

Thank you for putting this together!

Love it

Even though I have homeschooled for 4 years there are great nuggets in here!

Dana Green

Course review for The Homeschool Open House

So far so good!

Course review for The Homeschool Open House

Phenomenal Open House

Absolutely Amazing!!!

Esther Kraak


Love your energy!! haha, the "ohhh this lady... :)" Makes me smile, AND more confident. Thank you! Yes, I do belong here.

Rebecca Love

Course review for The Homeschool Open House

I loved this course! I am so happy I decided to join this course. Each speaker had wonderful wisdom that I could learn from. Each fear I had (Am I good enough? How do I homeschool with a toddler and baby? How can I be a confident teacher?) was addressed in a meaningful way to me. I am now working on a rough draft of a rhythm for my family to implement when we start schooling. I know there will be tweaks along the way but I am excited to just have the building blocks to help create a successful teaching environment and flow for our day.

Rebecca Love

My husband can totally relate to not knowing what to do once we had children. He was an only child and was never around little kids. He had no clue what to do. The great thing about having a larger family is that my four older boys should definitely be prepared for fatherhood. They all do great with their 7 month little sister. I want my sons to participate in their family. My husband (while not the primary teacher) will be involved in our homeschooling journey. My husband has a passion for history and cannot wait to pass that on to our kids.

Rebecca Love

Thank you!

Thank you for all the encouragement! You have spoken to all my fears and have put me at ease with my decision to homeschool my 3rd, 1st and preschooler.

Rebecca Love


I also have a third, first and preschooler. This method would do wonders for my third and preschooler. They would enjoy it so much. My first grader is very clinical and likes more cut and dry things. He is my kid that sees everything in black and white while my other two see the beauty in everything but that is okay. I am loving learning different styles so I can teach each of my kids in a way that they will appreciate.

Course review for The Homeschool Open House

Very succinct

Thanks for doing this!

Emily Mailliard

You guys are too cool!

You guys are too cool! Such an inspiration <3

Yolanda Godbee

EXCELLENT!! This is EXACTLY what I needed! You’re awesome! Thank you!

Why attend the open house?

Explore popular homeschool styles

knowing where to start can be hard, sometimes finding a style that matches can be really helpful.

Develop a schedule that meets your needs

not an early riser thats ok! let the kids sleep in too. You make the schedule that works for you and for your kids

How to incorporate the fine arts, sports, and drama

We'll show you how to make sure your kids education is well rounded

Vendor Section​

Meet popular homeschool vendors and hear their 3 minute video on what they offer

We know homeschooling...

  • Homeschooling family of over 15 years
  • Traveled the world with 4 kids, educating along the way
  • We work from home and homeschool, it CAN be done!
  • Meet other experienced homeschoolers like us at the open house!
  • We have experts in: unschooling, waldorf, montesori, nature school and more. All giving us their best for you to get started

The Schedule

Each training/session will be just 10-15 minutes long, we have around 60 different sessions.

You have lifetime access you can come back and watch it whenever you have time!

 You can pick and choose those that are most relevant for you, or watch all of the content as you please.

a printable resource list and each expert will share freebies individually.

A 1 hour recording with our whole panel answering questions from our first open house

This event also includes a vendor area where resource creators will share short commercials and coupons.

Meet the experts:

Rachel Lebowitz @cmplenary

Rachel is a charlotte mason expert who has years of experience guiding families into a rhythm that suits their individual needs. She has developed wonderful resources to enhance the homeschooling experience for everyone in the family.

Shayla Bryant @homeschool_counselor

School Counseling services to Homeschool/Unschool Communities | Individualized Plans

Kindle Garner @kindlegarner

Kindle will help us connect to a deeper conviction in our homeschool that will support us as a mom and help in creating resources for your family and homeschool community.

Leah Damon @leahdamon

Leah has created a name for herself by helping homeschoolers incorporate Waldorf ideologies in early elementary education, building a nature/arts/sensory-rich homeschool environment that encourages creativity and interest-led learning!

VanessaHartmn @vanessasholisticliving

A lover of nature, Vanessa guides homeschoolers in using the natural world as inspiration through a waldorf style and has developed resources to help facilitate meaningful co-operative experiences. 

Amy Bodkin @cmplenary

Adapting your curriculum for special needs kids can be tricky–but Amy can help each of us do that while offering resources that will reduce stress + help you feel confident your special needs child has what they need to succeed.

Kristie Burns @earthschooling

Developer of Earthschooling, Kristie is an expert in waldorf inspired homeschooling and wants to help families connect the Head, Heart, & Hands in Waldorf Education. 

Ashley Causey-Golden
@afrocentric. montessori

Unschooling your mind from traditional education, Ways to incorporate multiple perspectives within your Homeschooling Curriculum

Lisa Burns

I’ll show you an abundance of homeschooling, how to work with young kids, and how to develop a schedule that meets your needs

Serena Ryan @theconfidenthomeschooler

Deschooling/ Mindset, Daily Rhythms (Finding a schedule that fits your needs), Making the most of Co-Ops

Nicki Truesdell @nickitruesdell

Setting your own tone, moving in to high school, working with different ages/grades


Elle Cole @cleverlychanging

1.) Online options and additional resources 2.) Resources for elementary ages 3.) Setting your own tone/finding your right fit

Kate Duncan @nursery rhymeville

Kate is a homeschool Mother of five children, ranging from 15 to 3 years old. She is going to talk about homeschooling different ages.

Rob James @Thecircusdad

How to make a homeschool dad — demystifying the reluctant dad

out of the box scheduling – permission to do things differently.

Lacey Grim @laceyofschool housefarm

Raising 4 kids on a homestead, life has literally become a schoolhouse. Lacey of The Schoolhouse Life encourages families to use the wonder of daily activities as a chance to grow any child’s capacity to learn. Any lifestyle–urban or rural, can be a schoolhouse!

Courtney B. Dunlap @courtney_b_ dunlap

Resources for elementary ages, focusing on talents and strengths rather than weaknesses, finding time for individual interests

Anne Huitt @annehuitt. betterbeauty

High school homeschooling and dual enrollment – a high level explanation of transfer credits

Working while homeschooling

Jessica Waldock @thewaldockway

Jessica Waldock is a recovering type-a, writer, photographer, and homeschool advocate. She is passionate about books, games, checklists, and all things Disney. She is the founder of the popular blog The Waldock Way and author of best selling curricula such as Passport to Adventures and Waldock‘s Wizards and Wands. 

Annie Haas @thechildisthecurriculum

She will be teaching us about Waldorf, Rhythm, Art

Annie is a Waldorf Mama of 3.
AND she also runs a ᔕteiner Homeschool Cooperative 

Listen here’s the deal if you don’t buy this open house you can make homeschooling work. BUT this course gets you a giant fast forward. 

You get to tap into homeschooling moms and dads that have spent years and years figuring out what works and what doesn’t. 

You get direction, ideas, plans, and permission to make it work for you and your family. You get to join a group of people that are all trying to figure this out. 

This is your ticket into what really makes homeschooling work, what makes it enjoyable, and what takes the stress out of veteran homeschoolers. 

Don’t wait any longer get started today.

The best schooling for your family


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